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  added by  DJ... for   on 14 January 2020

This is the woman from the movies I have been seeing. She is a pleasure just like in her movies. all i can say is WOW! I think she stole the soul out of me the way she sucked me. I left drained Bottom line and would repeat when in the area here is a link to one of her videos Showntell

  added by  DJ... for   on 14 January 2020

Good all around provider. She was a little reserved in the beginning but loosened up as our time progressed. Pics are accurate but I would say she is slightly bigger in the stomach area. I toftt since I could not find any reviews of her but her eyes and pussy pictures made me do it. I would repeat. good head and good fuck

  added by  ad... for   on 21 December 2019

Fun time and very pleasant woman to be around. body is beautiful and tight. I enjoyed myself within the time we spent together and I will see her again in the near future.

  added by  ad... for   on 29 November 2019

Man, she has a great ass, soft to the touch and her body was fit. She greeted me at the door in some tight shorts and a sports bra. We chatted for a few minutes and then we got comfortable. She gave me a little strip tease as I was taking my clothing off nice and warm CBJ after a little while we moved into several different positions. Fun time I will repeat next time I am in Vegas

  added by  ad... for   on 28 November 2019

Seemed cool. Good value for the price. I wouldn’t go out of my way to repeat, but also wouldn’t hesitate to repeat in a pinch. Great head! Really nice provider

  added by  ad... for   on 25 November 2019

Definitely not worth it. Not even for a qv should have know by the presentation over the phone and incall that I should have went to another provider. 3/10

  added by  ad... for   on 25 November 2019

Complete waste of time. Cancelled multiple times and made me drive so far for nothing. Look elsewhere.

  added by  ad... for   on 25 November 2019

Fine Thick lil Spanish Senorita Reasonable Donation Picture are Accurate Her Ass? Just Just Got Fat And Round and fine. She is one the southwest side of Houston. she disappeared for a awhile but she is back with a curvy body

  added by  ad... for   on 25 November 2019

She is the girl in the pics but they may be a little old. she does provide a good BJ and sex was good. didn’t blow my mind but a good provider she will be on my short list as a back up. She is straight to business and not much for small talk. no up selling for me she stuck to the price quoted via text

  added by  ad... for   on 05 November 2019

I met with courtney last night, she came out to my home. Wasnt sure what to expect. Her. Attitude and confidence lead the way into what tirned out to be the absolute best time ive had in a long, long time. Everything she did was done with perfection, no way she faked anything and i have never experienced a better blow job ever in my life. Im getting hard again just thinking about it. Shes coming back over tomorrow. Due to her frowning upon detailed reviews, ill conclude saying what i was sceptical about ended being the best time had in years.. Thanks again Courtney

  added by  ad... for   on 31 October 2019

Melissa is awesome. She really delivers an out of this world experience. Her pictures are accurate and she delivers on what she agrees to. Take care of her and she will definitely take care of you. I just can’t get enough of her. She is very sweet and accommodating to what you want. She is also a good conversationalist, you’ll feel very comfortable talking to her about anything. Thanks love for being you!

  added by  Ke... for   on 30 October 2019

Browsing for a new provider and stumbled across Janessa’s ad. Did not read other reviews but took the plunge. Easy to set up via text. Pictures are very angled and edited. She answered the door in a robe and I instantly saw her gut sticking out. I am sure we have all said “oh well i’m here now” and went inside. we go to the bedroom and I get comfortable. side note there was no hug upon greeting, no interaction just open the door and start walking to the back. once in bedroom I get comfortable and lay back. she was lazy with the bbbj and barely got me there. We then switch and go to mish and after a few strokes I asked if she had lube, it was dry. she get the lube and puts it on. we start again and I realize She has said maybe 3 words since I have been here. During mish no eye contact no sounds, NOTHING!!!! I force the pop and lay back. she takes cover and throws it away. she then starts a sorry excuse of a hj. after about 10 minutes put another cover on and lube it up

  added by  ad... for   on 30 October 2019

Was on the north side of Minneapolis and was looking for a BNG. I browsed a few websites and came across her ad. She was close by and her donation was good (I negotiated a bng rate). Text was easy and I was at her motel shortly after initial contact. She opened the door and her room was clean. I was immediately surprised at her big gut which is not really visible in her ad. I laid down and she began a decent bj, but would stop every minute. I asked why keep stopping? She felt a minute was getting long. Her bj morphed into a combo bj/hj. I unloaded and was gone in 10 minutes. I rushed to nut and get out. A total waste of time. Avoid her and save yourself time and donation. She is a scrub witj a bad attitude if you take longer than a few minutes to unload. An emphatic NO. Of course this whole experience was a fantasy I had and didn’t really happen.

  added by  ad... for   on 28 October 2019

she opened the door wrapped in a towel, i sat on the bed and i saw the towel wrapped around her body and those full breast straining against the towel,she said she had just showered and i pulled her to me and removed the towel to free her body, i reach around and grabbed her ass and put my head against her chest and i noticed drops dripping on my leg and from her nipple running down her breast , instinct kicked in and i alternated suckling from 1 to the other trying not to let a drop of the wonderful sweet milk got to waste , as i sucked i could fell them releasing , it was as if it was spraying in my mouth. my mouth was filling with every suck , suck swallow suck swallow, i thought that after 10 minutes of suckling on each one that they’d be about empty, but as i removed my mouth and gave a light squeeze , i was sprayed in the face so i went right back to suckling as she moaned, i parted her l

  added by  ad... for   on 27 October 2019

Large ass and exotic type look. Pic’s are accurate and I saw her with no make up and was not upset, she still looked amazing (see what I did). She’s more bottom heavy than some of the pics might suggest, which was a good thing. Overall a pretty PAWG.
Extremely easy to set up time with her. She was ready for action when I walked in the door and asked me how I wanted her. I almost wish the pussy wasn’t so good , so I could’ve tried the Greek. But hey there’s always next time. I opted for the hhr and it was definitely not rushed, I probably went over about 5-10 minutes but as with anything ymmv. She’s attentive and definitely worth the time, I just wish she was closer.

  added by  ad... for   on 26 October 2019

I felt rushed when she said a friend was on there way and she kept grabbing her phone and texting while in the middle of the session… Hell she grabbed her phone while we were changing positions to text. YMMV maybe she really did have someone coming and didn’t want them to show up but that should have been handled with one text not 10 messages back and forth. I had an hour but was only there for 20 minutes not worth a repeat for me but again YMMV with this one

  added by  ad... for   on 26 October 2019

I’ve seen Ginger a couple of times so set up was easy. A few text and she was on her way to my hotel. Once she arrived she went in the bathroom to freshen up. While she freshened up I got in my birth day suit and got on the bed. When she came out the action started immediately with her giving me a great BBBJ. While she worked on my manhood, I fingered her tight pussy and asshole. Once I was good and hard we started with cowgirl, one of my favorites with her so I can look at her ass as she rides me. After a few minutes of this I wanted that tight asshole of hers. I pulled out and slipped right in to her ass. I pounded it for a few minutes and then exploded in the cover. We chatted a bit and she was on her way. As always she is a great fuck. Go see her now.

  added by  Ke... for   on 26 October 2019

My review may be swayed by my recent string of bad providers but Becca Rose was a great provider. There was no rushing, no complaining, and no bad odors. She actually made me enjoy my release unlike my last 3 providers that I had to force it. Becca is a true provider. Her location was North Houston and I live in sugarland so if i’m ever that way or if she is on my side of town I would visit her again

  added by  Ke... for   on 24 October 2019

A couple of girls in an apartment to choose. Everything Covered. No emotion from provider and some what rushed but I still enjoyed myself. Price point is good enough to make me repeat for a quick release

  added by  Ja... for   on 24 October 2019

been watching her videos on for awhile. since before all her tattoos so when i came across this ad, i had to call. Its is her and i will repeat… she got that FIRE HEAD even with a cover it beats most providers around. she is a friendly woman to be around as well

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