Severed ties with

As of a week ago Prepago has cut ties with tradeniex . Tradeniex was our long time BTC processor and in recent weeks they have decided to shift their business to a peer to peer crypto currency exchange. We wish them well and hope that they will find a way to incorporate another payment gateway […]

A Message from Prepago Intl

Due to the tough times ahead of us, and the unforseen pandemic we at Prepago Intl have decided to make all advertisements free, and to also donate a total of 8,000 dollars to charities around the globe dedicated to helping sex workers stay safe. We as a community need to stick together and support each […]

Prepago INTL Joins Instagram

Prepago Intl. Has decided to Join instagram With the suggestion of several providers that would like other option to contact our support, we have opened a Instagram account. This social media account along twitter and any onther account we decide to start, will be for updates to our      

Answer to a repeated question

We have received a lot of questions about why we decided to go with this style of website instead of the classifieds style. We picked this style to let the advertiser not be drowned out the the repeated poster! We wanted to let the advertiser ad have an equal chance to be seen instead of […]

Return OF TER

The Erotic Review  The Erotic Review has reopened Their United States Section. This is a big step in the fight against Censorship. We Are glad to see them back in full swing and providing a platform for all to participate on. We at Prepago Inc encourage you to join TER and participate in the community. […]

Credit Cards now Accepted

We have decided to allow credit card purchases for advertisements and have implemented it into the site. Prepago hopes that adding credit card payments will create some ease to our customers. We appreciate your business and have taken your feedback serious. Thanks again for using our site!

Prepago is now on Twitter has just opened our twitter page and will be answering any questions you want to ask us. Feel free to check us out and get updates @

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