Credit Cards now Accepted

We have decided to allow credit card purchases for advertisements and have implemented it into the site. Prepago hopes that adding credit card payments will create some ease to our customers. We appreciate your business and have taken your feedback serious. Thanks again for using our site!

Prepago Online Wallets have been activated

Prepago has added online wallets for users to easily deposit funds into their accounts and easily use the funds to activate their ads while on the go. The addition of the online wallet, we believe will streamline the process of activating your accounts and making it easier to post so that you can focus on […]

How to buy Bitcoin with Cash app

Here is a video on how to purchase bitcoin with the cash app for all mobile phones.

How to buy Bitcoin with Visa or Mastercard

Obtaining Bitcoin

The most asked question we get is, How do I get bitcoin? The answer to this question is very easy. There are several websites that will allow you to obtain bitcoin. Some allow you to pay with a credit or debit card and other will allow you to purchase bitcoin with cash. The easiest way […]

Bitcoin for escorts privacy and payments

We only accept Bitcoin as payments for advertising on We selected this payment method over the other because it provides our customers a layer of privacy. Other sites collect and store you credit card information and abide by the KYC(Know you Customer) law. Even if they use a third party payment processor, your information […]

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