Answer to a repeated question

We have received a lot of questions about why we decided to go with this style of website instead of the classifieds style. We picked this style to let the advertiser not be drowned out the the repeated poster! We wanted to let the advertiser ad have an equal chance to be seen instead of being lost in the the many spam ads. This no only helps the advertiser but it also helps people searching our website. How easy it is to search for what you are looking for and not have to worry about a scam webcam bot trying to scam you. How easy it would be to just browse and find what you are looking for, call and make an appointment without the extra worry and curiosity of if the advertiser is a phone number collector or webcam bot. Or the easy of just finding a provider without actually having to take 30 minutes clicking through the same providers many ads because they post a new ad every 5 minutes, trying to stay at the top of the list. We prefer an easy scroll, no fakes, no bots, no bullshit design. Let all advertisers have an equal chance to earn your business

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