Verification Process

As a provider, we allow you to verify yourself with a photograph of yourself holding a private code that only our staff will know. Once we verify that you are the person in the ad we will put a Prepago Verified badge on your account. This will let the other know that your photos are real and that you are not cat-fishing the person or pulling a bait and switch. Unlike other sites that require an upload of your ID, we will never ask for any personal identifying information. We respect privacy and want our users to be able to feel safe that their personal information is not stored on the site or anywhere else. One of the biggest provider sites has been hacked and thousands of copies of providers ID’s have been taken from that site. will never put you at risk with that type of personal information because we don’t collect such information. Same reason we don’t accept credit cards. We only accept Bitcoin via Tradeniex, which is a bitcoin payment processor that believes in privacy. We believe in the rights of privacy and in this business you deserve that right. Any questions please feel free to contact us here and we will reply as soon as possible.

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