Bitcoin for escorts privacy and payments

We only accept Bitcoin as payments for advertising on We selected this payment method over the other because it provides our customers a layer of privacy. Other sites collect and store you credit card information and abide by the KYC(Know you Customer) law. Even if they use a third party payment processor, your information is linked to a number on their site. We use bitcoin to provide you a peace of mind that if anything were to happen to our site, your information is safe. For those who wish to have some extra layers of privacy, we suggest you use and setup an email account. They can encrypt your email and have strict privacy laws at their operation country. If you are new to bitcoin and wondering how can you purchase some to use on our site, We recommend It is quick and easy to use and usually the fastest sending the bitcoin you purchased . We use Tradeniex as our bitcoin processor. Tradeniex does not keep any information about the users payment thus giving the buyer privacy. is powered by btcpay and proven to be stable and trustworthy. So we have decided to use Bitcoin for escorts privacy and payments. Many have turned away from bitcoin because they we were not given the information to use it as a payment method. We will be posting a guide on how to use Bitcoin(BTC) wallet addresses to make secure and private payments on Bitcoin for escorts privacy and payments should be an industry standard now becaue privacy is encouraged within our community. We will be posting a guide on how to use bitcoin on our site so that if you have any questions, hopefully the guide can walk you through the process

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